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Eight Royal Doulton gilded age dinner plates (1902-1922). Rare Sheffield Plate Food Dome and Warming Tray with Mechanical Features Important Doccia Topographical Cabinet Cup and Saucer
Eight Royal Doulton gilded age dinner plates (1902-1922).
Each one with cobalt blue borders and intricate raised gilt enamel Gilders mark "HB" for Herbert Betteley.
Green Royal Doulton back stamp 1902-1922.
Retailers mark of: Davis Collamore & Co. Ltd. Fifth Avenue & 45th St. New York.
Rare Sheffield plate food dome and warming tray with mechanical features. Of typical form with acorn motif handle, engraved crest of a dog and leather belt inscribed "Non sibi sed patriae" a Latin phrase meaning "not for self, but country"  Complete with its original warming tray with pierced circular welling tree, hinged door with engraved Horse* Crest.  This is for adding the hot water and porcelain handled spigot to release the water after use.